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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
11:18 am
Next London Farscape meetup
Wednesday, May 4, 2005 at 7:00 PM

Horseshoe Inn
Melior Street London Bridge
London, meetup1
020 7403 6364

We'd love to see you there.

11:00 am
Welcome to...
katana137uk (our first member)

Thanks for joining.

I will carry on being the Farscape Organiser for
as long as people want to carry on meeting up.


Current Mood: working
10:49 am
Token introduction post
Hi all,

I'm roxy641 and I am the organiser of meetup.com

For the past couple of years I've met up with other fans
of the show.

As meetup.com have decided to charge for their services
this is now a back up and (possible???) replacement.

Everyone is welcome to join.

These are all of the farscape communities I've just
farscape, farscape_chorus, farscape_fans, farscapecontest,
farscapeproject, farscapeuk.

If you know of any others (maybe you run one yourself),
please feel free to suggest that I add yours to the list.

Remember: "You can be MORE" ;)

Roxy641 (farscapemeetup)

Current Mood: accomplished
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